Monday, July 4, 2016

Poetry: Precious memories

Their eyes met and she saw that first look
One undeniable hug was all it took
A bond grew quickly and feelings grew strong
They knew from the start it couldn't last long

The time was short but was time so sweet
She savored the rare moments they could meet
Alas too many obstacles stood in their way
The longing had to end, she could not stay

He said the only thing constant is change
With those words was their last exchange
Clutching those words she knew she had to leave
As they hugged her tears trickled down his sleeve

She cried and prepared to leave all that was good
Things ended that night as she always knew it would
As she turned away to leave him behind
A last "I love you" flowed through their minds

Connection so powerful despite time so brief
She buried those feelings deep underneath
Every so often she sees the moon beam
And sometimes wonders if it was real or a dream

Years have passed and as her hair goes gray
She still remembers that one fateful day
Her sadness had faded as years went by
Precious memories remain but no tears left to cry

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