Friday, July 1, 2016

Flash fiction: Because of betrayal

Vicky and Frank met in college. She strived to be a teacher and Frank majored in technology. After graduation the duo married. Two years into their marriage Frank was struck with the realization Vicky was obsessed with money. The sudden change surprised him, but he loved her.

Instead of getting a full time teaching job, Vicky sporadically worked as a tutor. Frank went to work in an entry position in the local bank's IT department. Money was tight.

Frank was dejected his wife was always so unhappy. Vicky was frustrated, but never seemed to equate her spending habits to their empty bank account.

"Vicky, I know we don't have much, but someday we'll have money.  I'm sorry I cannot provide the way you want right now, but I promise it's not forever," Frank said. 

He truly believed Vicky would love him again once he made money.

"OK Frank," Vicky mumbled. She turned back to her magazine.

Frank bored her. Recently, her eye had been on the wealthy father of a child she tutored. But he was married and she wasn't going to play second fiddle; still it was fun to entertain the idea.

Eventually, Frank started his own company which took off and quickly went public. Money was no longer an issue. Vicki quit working altogether. 

Despite a financially secured lifestyle, Vicky had her eye on Mike, a software designer working for Frank. Vicky wanted an affair, but Mike wouldn't reciprocate. For years Vicki pursued, but Mike would only allow a close friendship to develop. In Vicky's arrogance, she believed Mike's loyalty was solely due to fear of losing job security, it never crossed her mind he wasn't attracted.
Frank reached early retirement and sold the company for a tidy sum. Vicky concocted a plan and recruited Mike for the job.

"We could poison him," Vicky said.

"I'll take care of the details, even the funeral," Mike replied.

"Good, I don't want to deal with it. I'll be at the spa this weekend. Afterward, we'll finally be together," she added.

As promised, Mike took care of everything. Frank was even already in the coffin upon Vicky's return. She played the grieving widow to perfection.

Soon afterward Vicky was met with the surprise of her life after dinner with Mike. Frank walked in followed by police. Minutes later Vicky left in handcuffs.

Mike was loyal to his employer, always.

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