Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poetry: Sunsets

As the day settles down
And readies for some rest
Sun's radiant colors
Stream brightly on the crest

A brilliant splash of colors
Pours out across the sky
Deep reds, pinks and orange
Clings tightly, evading night

Sun casts vivacity
Lighting up the skies
Breathtaking moments
Never lacking of surprise

Eventually sun must sleep
Shadows envelope the sun
Nighttime slumber settles in
And sunset's performance is done

While darkness wins the clash
Each and every instance
Tomorrow is a new day
Sun will again have its chance

Friday, June 12, 2015

Poetry: Butterflies

Butterfly so lonely
Born in a bland sack
No one notices her
Yet inner beauty doesn't lack

All's quiet and lonely
Inside her dark shell
Tries to show the outside
But it's up for time to tell

Biding all the days
In darkness so serene
She desires for some light
And wishes to be seen

Adversity is tough
Dormant until it's time
Caterpillar transforms
To become a butterfly

Birthed gently and unnoticed
Wrapped up snug and tight
The day came when she blossomed
And suddenly took flight

Bright colored wings
Gently floats across the sky
So vibrant and so free
This majestic butterfly

Soar above the treetops
In soft fluttering flight
Underneath the clouds
She is a wondrous sight

Fine-looking butterfly
Emerges to show all
How beauty lurks deep within
From sack to flying tall

Underneath is what matters
Not just the outer guise
Beauty comes from the inside
Proved the butterfly's disguise.