Monday, October 5, 2015

Humor: Having dumb moments

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right, and your day is full of those "I should have done this instead" moments? You know the kind, those days when no matter what you say or do, it's wrong. Boy, I hate those days.

Having dumb moments can be frustrating, embarrassing or just plain funny.  Some of the below are mine, some of them of other people I know. 

Everyone has a dumb moment on occasion, but you know it’s really bad when . . .
  1. You're late leaving for work, scrambling around in a panic looking for your keys and come to find they are firmly grasped in your hand. Even worse is looking for your glasses and then you realize you're wearing them...
  1. Then there is the alarm clock issue. On one of those days you overslept, you race into work half-asleep with a carefully concocted, but great, story to tell your boss. But when you approach the building you find it's locked. You feel a sense of relief that everyone else seems to be late too and savor the moment that – for once – you are actually the first to arrive. Then you remember it's Saturday . . .
  1. What about keeping your car filled with gas? Routine event, right? Piece of cake for most people probably, but not for you. You went to the gas station because your gas gauge was on empty, only to discover when you got there that you'd left your wallet at home. No big deal right? Except you don't have enough gas to go back to grab the cash.
  1. Dinner time is another adventure for you. You get the crock-pot filled and ready to go, turn your dinner on, only to return home hours later to find, while you turned the knob to the "on" position, you never plugged in the pot. Your family also relished in your dumb moment when they realized it was going to be crunchy potatoes and a really rare roast for dinner (I've done this recently!!)
  1. What about the time you spent the morning typing up an important document and got distracted? Instead of hitting save, you closed the document, and out of habit clicked "OK" and lost the proposal that was due to your boss in the morning.
  1. How about the time a terrible thunderstorm blew through and the electric went out. You reached for your cordless phone to call the electric company only to realize you needed your power on in order to call and report the outage. And your cellphone's battery was also dead since you forgot to charge it.
  1. You knew you were really having a dumb moment the day you went to go get the kids from school, picked up the baby, grabbed the cellphone and headed out the door. On a whim you turned around to grab a notebook so you could scribble some ideas down for your latest article while waiting for the bus and, remembering each step to leave the house, locked the door behind you on the way out. As you tried to unlock your car, you were dismayed to find the remote door locks on the car didn't work. You looked down and saw why - your cellphone wasn't exactly successful in unlocking the door. It hit you like a ton of bricks when you remembered you put down your keys to grab the notebook . . . duh! (Years ago - but a true story!!)
  1. Have you ever loaded your groceries into the trunk, placed your keys down so you could grab the last bag? Remember how dumb you felt after you slammed the trunk down leaving your keys inside? You then think it's okay because you have a spare set and then recall the extra key is in the glove compartment. If you thought that was dumb, it's probably best you blocked out the $45 you had to spend on a locksmith (not my dumb moment, but names have been omitted to protect the guilty... )
  1. What about the time you went out in the morning to warm up your car and locked your keys in the running car? (Notice a keys theme here?) 
Everyone has a dumb day once in a while, but you know it's really bad when the local locksmith has your name programmed on his speed dial and keeps a spare set of all your keys.

If you're experiencing these "dumb" mishaps, the best thing to do is laugh it off and hope tomorrow is a better day! After all, it is another opportunity to create some new cherished, but perhaps dumb, moments.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Music: Going from 'Retro' to 'Oldie'

Photo credit: Leigh Goessl
When does music go from "retro" to "oldie"? Is there even a difference between the two? 

I've always likened "retro" as days of yesterday, but not too far back in the past, and  the "oldies" was the stuff from my grandparents' era. 

Now I'm not so sure!

Anyone growing up in the 1970s probably considers the '50s and part of the '60s as "oldies" music. For instance, in the greater New York City area, we had a radio station - 101.1 (CBS-FM) - that played music from earlier eras, making it one of the only radio stations (at least that I was aware of) in the region on the dial to play oldies all day long. 

In my memories, this is mostly Elvis, sock-hop type of stuff, mixed in with "downtheshore" and beach music. 

Fast forward to today and what a shock for me when I traveled up north and tuned into 101.1 FM. They were playing primarily 1980s music with a splash of '70s tunes. This even included hair bands and classic rock mixed in with some soft rock and pop songs. 

A few years back I first heard '80s music referred as "retro", but I guess the time has come where it has officially transitioned into 'oldies' music.  Where do the years go? 

Needless to say, this is now one of my more favorite stations to when visiting the greater NYC area (lol).
How did you first feel when the music you listened to as a kid/teen turned into "oldies" tunes?