Thursday, November 12, 2015

Poetry: Dreaming of You

I dreamed of you again last night
It caught me so off guard
Awakened me with such a fright
Feeling confused and marred

Images conjured in the mind
Of a place so far away
Timeline mixed up, stars not aligned
Confusion leads astray

In my dreams I keep seeing you
At a place that doesn't exist
Sky is foggy, grass full of dew
You are floating in the mist
tree in fog
Image credit: Leigh G.

Through the fog you seemed so clear
Yet standing far away
Despite distance you felt so near
Amidst those clouds all gray

Tried to reach you to say a word
But then you disappeared
Though I shouted you had not heard
Suddenly you reappeared

Reached for your hand to help me through
Then your likeness promptly faded
Your wings sprouted and then you flew
Visions became more jaded

Swiftly I awake with a start
The dream abruptly ends
Wakeful with thoughts dear to the heart
And hoping someday the heart mends

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