Friday, November 13, 2015

Avoid being a carjack victim during the holidays

Photo credit: Leigh Goessl
This time of year is often associated with a higher number of crime incidents, primarily associated with theft, whether retail or burglary. However, carjacking is one crime that also tends to increase. 

These tips are important year-round, but being theft-related crime tends to increase over the holidays, during the months of November and December it is a good idea to be more vigilant.

Knowing what to look for in will decrease the chances of your becoming a carjacking victim:
  • Pay close attention to your surroundings.
  • Always be on alert to any activity near your car.
  • Check the inside of your car before entering it.
  • Have keys in your hand as you approach your car.
  • If any suspicious persons are hanging around your car, keep walking.
  • Pay careful attention to people asking questions or handing out flyers, this could be a ruse.
  • Once in your car, lock it immediately.
  • If suspicious strangers are walking on your street, keep driving until they've gone.
Remember, anyone can be a target and carjacking incidents occur both during the day and at night. Experts recommend being alert at ATMs and if another car bumps yours, to keep doors and windows closed until police arrive. Washington, D.C. authorities note a car is replaceable, you are not. If a carjacker threatens you with a gun or other weapon, give up the car.

Carjacking is a very serious crime and, while it is impossible to avoid in some cases, being prepared with information and strategies can help keep you safer. Avoid being a carjack victim.

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