Friday, September 11, 2015

Flash Fiction: A shocking betrayal

All morning Sandy had a nagging feeling. No reason why she felt this way, but she just couldn't shake it. With a deep sigh she turned her attention to happier things.

Tomorrow was her and Jim's 10th anniversary, and they planned to celebrate in style. First, dinner at the swankiest restaurant in town. Jim made reservations a month ago, even getting one of the coveted terrace tables overlooking the city. In the morning, they'd set sail, head down the coast, just the two of them.

Sandy spent the morning packing suitcases and buying food to stock the boat's kitchenette. Jim had left at the crack of dawn to ready the boat for their excursion.

Things had been wonderful lately. That other woman who'd almost shattered their marriage was almost forgotten. It was a shocking betrayal, but they'd spent years healing from Jim's infidelity. Their marriage was now solid. Jim had been the perfect husband since ending the affair, so supportive to her, especially after her beloved aunt died shortly afterward. He'd handled all the finances.

As she bagged the food, brief thoughts of the brunette Jim had been involved with flashed through her mind. Sandy pushed those thoughts away. There was no way Bernadette would occupy even a moment of her thoughts. Not this week. Not this anniversary. The thought of Jim cheating still hurt, but Sandy found forgiveness. Why she was thinking about this now she had no idea. Suddenly the nausea returned.

Sandy was just about finished when she had an impulsive idea. Packing up some cheese and crackers, she grabbed a bottle of wine.

"An impromptu picnic while we ready the boat will be a great way to start our celebration," she said half-aloud.

With a quick glance in the rear view mirror, Sandy smiled at the radiance reflecting back. Yes, life was good. Sandy pulled into the parking lot neighboring the harbor, suddenly feeling sicker. Ignoring the feeling she opened the cabin's door. All was strangely quiet. Where was Jim?

She went inside and pulled the curtain to the sleeping quarters. She couldn't believe her eyes. The wine dropped, shattering.

Bernadette spoke first.

"Jim, what is going on? She wasn't supposed to be here until morning. All these years of planning...what about the inheritance?"

"Sandy, you shouldn't have come," Jim said.

Jim reached under the mattress. The last thing Sandy heard was the click of Jim's gun before she turned to flee.

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