Saturday, September 12, 2015

Flash fiction: Creeping away from danger

David desperately looked around him as he heard the loud explosions crashing over his head. He wondered how he would ever get out of here. If he could only escape. He made a solemn promise to himself if he got out he would never come back to this place again.

Yet, with each opportunity, he returned.

The first time David came under fire he crawled into a ball and tried to wish it away, but the gory images and crashing noises infiltrated his brain. Despite this, still, he returned. Hoping to emerge with a different outcome each time. But it never happened.

In the past this place had always been compelling to him. It was a destination David visited frequently. Lately, the appeal had turned to fright and the violence was getting out of control. During previous visits David always managed to dodge any dangers, but this time felt trapped with no way out.

He abruptly ducked.

"Oh that was a close one," he thought to himself.

David shuddered at the thundering noises, vivid images and that near miss from just mere moments ago; he crawled to the nearby steps. Slowly, David crept his way out of the immediate danger in the darkness and moved into the light. Once he reached the top he made his way down the corridor until he reached the safe haven he knew to be at the end of the way.

The moonlight danced in and out of vision, but there was enough streaming light to help guide the way to safety. Only a few more steps until he reached his refuge.
David spoke out loud for the first time in what seemed like hours.

As he approached the doorway he whispered, "Mom," then a little louder, "Mom!" 

He was grateful to hear a quick response.

"Mom, I had a nightmare. I dreamed about the video games again. This time it really, really scared me!"

His mom had previously advised him to give up the first person shooter games, but he always went back despite her warnings. She gave him a hug, allowed him to sit. He felt safe again.

"Next time I swear I will stay away from those games and play something else. I mean it this time."

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