Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Humor: Missing socks

At some time it has probably happened to all of us. We'll be diligently sorting through our clean laundry only to find a couple of assorted socks are missing their partners. As we fold, we stand over the laundry puzzled in confusion knowing that the pair had gone into the wash together, but somehow got lost along their journey into the dryer.

The missing socks syndrome is an amazing phenomenon. Wash load after load socks go missing until we suddenly find there are dozens of socks missing their mates.
Have you seen my missing sock mate?
Some socks disappear permanently. 
But where do they go? Does the "wash monster" eat them for dinner? Did the socks run away? Maybe they are giving us payback because they don't like the way our feet smell? Perhaps it could simply be that our elusive socks are trying to send us a strong message they are unhappy with their current jobs and living arrangements and are demanding change?

Other socks return after a period of disappearance and come back acting as if nothing has happened. Hmmph. Did they simply become bored with their mundane lives and decide to play a game of peek-a-boo for a while to mix it up and make things a little more interesting? What nerve. Especially after we spend so much time worrying about them.

Maybe pairs of socks are like human couples; one storms off after a spat, only to suddenly emerge later to make up and be happily together again. It's also interesting to note those odd matched socks cling together in a pile, but refuse to interact with one another. Perhaps they are secretly wondering where their significant others have gone off to, or maybe it is the fact that many are hesitant to pair themselves with someone new and remain faithful to their missing soul-mate.

I can't help but wonder if those poor socks left behind are fret with anxiety over their missing mates, or if they are in on the game too and carefully guarding the secret of their partner's sneaky whereabouts?

If the abandoned socks are anything like my husband's, they stay alone in a drawer in wistful hope their sock partner returns. This drawer is a place where all the abandoned socks gather together and commiserate over their lost mates.

He also strongly feels that just because one sock is missing, they should never be discarded. His philosophy is that eventually a partner will show up or even if a sock isn't a perfect match, he hopes they'll eventually marry someone with different characteristics. He'll never abandon these socks and purchase new ones. Truly, it is sock loyalty at it's best.

Many socks do reappear over the course of time. Perhaps it is as simple as our missing socks simply love to play an old fashioned game of hide-and-go-seek to break up the routine.

Whatever the reason, we're typically disappointed when socks disappear forever, but happy for those times missing socks do actually return.
Where they go in the meantime though will likely always remain a mystery.

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